Planning Commission

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Here is a follow-up to our planning commission meeting on Sept. 19.

Present: Kim & Jess from TRORC, Monica, Samantha 

What we did:

  • Acknowledged we may need to do a contract extension at some point, as the contract calls for a December end date which may be unrealistic
  • Received Samantha’s homework from last meeting
  • Kim’s homework didn’t have available data (Dept of Labor website wouldn’t provide for a town this small, and Census data only provides American Community Survey data which has a large enough margin of error that it’s not very meaningful to use)
  • Updated the Housing Chapter (except for Section C – will need to revisit this in the future because the website containing that data is currently under construction)
  • Updated the Community Development Chapter
  • Updated the Utilities and Facilities (U & F) Chapter
  • Skipped the Emergency Services Chapter, as we would like comments from Ken here
  • Updated the Education Chapter (Samantha getting enrollment info, will need to insert that when received)

To do:

Monica checking on how much money the Hancock Library receives yearly from the Town (U & F Chapter)
Kim checking on Solid Waste Implementation Plans (U & F Chapter) as I believe state requirements have changed since last version of the plan
Monica sending Emergency Services chapter to Ken for comments/updates
Samantha getting school enrollment info for Education Chapter

Next meeting:

Review items on the above To Do List
Update the next 4 chapters (Transportation; Current & Future Land Use; Natural Resources; Energy) – these are heavy chapters and we may not make it through all at the next meeting, but will be prepared to in case we do have time. (Kim & Jess doing data updates; PC members providing local knowledge updates.

Next meeting: October 10th at 6:30 PM.

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