Planning Commission

Click the link below for the current Hancock Town Plan.



Hancock Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will meet on Monday, May 20th at 6:30 at the Hancock Town Office
1. Review of State of Vermont Letter of Intent for driveway access for
1628 VT Route 125
2. Town Plan review
3. Adjourn


Next meeting April 29th, 6:30 pm at the Hancock Town Clerk’s office


Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting, April 29, 2019

Present: Samantha, Monica, Scott, Peter, Pete, Jess

What we did:

Reviewed data updates to the Recreation chapter & Agriculture & Forestry chapter
Discussed Flood Resiliency w/ Pete and reviewed the Flood Resiliency chapter

To do:

Scott will review the Census of Ag. data and pull additional stats
Link to Census here:,_Chapter_1_State_Level/Vermont/vtv1.pdf
Jess will create a table of ag/forestry employment data at the county level including Addison, Windsor, Orange & Washington
Jess will update the number of statewide floods & look at frequency
Jess will pull language on invasives for the Natural Resources chapter
PC will get comments on the Emergency Services chapter

Next meeting:

Review items on the above to-do list
Update Emergency Services chapter
Discuss upcoming timeline for Enhanced Energy meetings

The next decided upon meeting date will be Monday, May 20th at 6:30pm.


Minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting, April 4, 2019 6:30 PM Hancock Town Office

Present: Samantha Sheehan, Monica Collins (ex-officio non-voting member), Scott Gillette, Jess Richter (TRORC), Forrest Patterson by phone
I. Reorganization of Commission
Nomination of Samantha Sheehan was made for Commission Chair and seconded.
Samantha Sheehan was voted as new chair
II. Town Plan Review with Jessica Richter of TRORC
See notes below
What we did:

Updated the Recreation chapter
Updated the Agriculture & Forestry chapter

To do:

Jess will update outdoor recreation economy data
Check on # of acres of conserved land owned by the Town off of Tunnel Brook Rd
Jess will re-update US Census of Agriculture data with 2017 results
Jess will update % of residents employed in ag/forestry sectors (pg. 64)
Check on trends of # of mills in region (pg. 64)

Next meeting April 29th, 6:30 pm at the Hancock Town Clerk’s office.:

Review data updates to Recreation & Agriculture/Forestry chapters
Update Flood Resilience chapter w Pete Fellows
III. Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting at 8:15 pm


March 13, 2019 Draft Meeting Minutes

Present: Monica, Scott, Jess

What we did:

Decided to add language regarding Village Center Designation to the Village Center sub-chapter
Updated the Natural Resources chapter

To do:

Jess will update flooding info within the Flood Hazard/Floodplain sub-chapter of Natural Resources chapter
Jess will reach out to ANR to get an explanation of ‘Waste Management Discharge Zones (B3)’
Jess will reach out to Steve Libby again to determine the update to the recreation land-use boundary
Monica will reach out to Mary Russ (WRP) to determine relevant info to add regarding surface water resources & wastewater discharges

Next meeting:

Review items on the above to-do list
Update Energy chapter

At last night’s meeting, we also tentatively discussed a timeline for the next few meetings. It looks like 3-4 more meetings will be needed to cover the remaining chapters. If possible, we will try to double up on meetings in April to stay on schedule.

The tentatively decided dates for the two April meetings are Thursday, April 4th at 6:30pm and Wednesday, April 17th at 6:30pm. Let me know if these dates will work for you and if not, we can do our best to reschedule for another date.

Thanks everyone!



Feb. 13, 2019 Meeting Notes:

Present: Monica, Forrest, Jessica Richter (Two Rivers Ottaquechee Regional Planning Commission)

What we did:

Updated the Current & Future Land Use chapter
Discussed adding additional language regarding Village Designation

To do:

Jess will send the Village Designation language to Monica for review
Jess will reach out to Steve Libby to determine the added boundary for the added Recreation Area on land use map
Monica will confirm the % of land owned by GMNF & the latest town population #
Jess will send paragraph on pedestrian traffic in village to Monica for updates
Review Natural Resources chapter for any changes

Next meeting:

Review items on the above to-do list
Update the Natural Resources chapter
Update the Emergency Services chapter
Discuss the possibility of adding language that addresses multi-modal transportation

The next meeting will be on March 13th at 6:30pm.


Here is a follow-up to our planning commission meeting on Sept. 19.

Present: Kim & Jess from TRORC, Monica, Samantha 

What we did:

    • Acknowledged we may need to do a contract extension at some point, as the contract calls for a December end date which may be unrealistic
    • Received Samantha’s homework from last meeting
    • Kim’s homework didn’t have available data (Dept of Labor website wouldn’t provide for a town this small, and Census data only provides American Community Survey data which has a large enough margin of error that it’s not very meaningful to use)
    • Updated the Housing Chapter (except for Section C – will need to revisit this in the future because the website containing that data is currently under construction)
    • Updated the Community Development Chapter
    • Updated the Utilities and Facilities (U & F) Chapter
    • Skipped the Emergency Services Chapter, as we would like comments from Ken here
  • Updated the Education Chapter (Samantha getting enrollment info, will need to insert that when received)

To do:

Monica checking on how much money the Hancock Library receives yearly from the Town (U & F Chapter)
Kim checking on Solid Waste Implementation Plans (U & F Chapter) as I believe state requirements have changed since last version of the plan
Monica sending Emergency Services chapter to Ken for comments/updates
Samantha getting school enrollment info for Education Chapter

Next meeting:

Review items on the above To Do List
Update the next 4 chapters (Transportation; Current & Future Land Use; Natural Resources; Energy) – these are heavy chapters and we may not make it through all at the next meeting, but will be prepared to in case we do have time. (Kim & Jess doing data updates; PC members providing local knowledge updates.

Next meeting: October 10th at 6:30 PM.

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