Flood Hazard Zone Information

HANCOCK FAST FLOOD FACTS  (for full Hancock Flood Hazard Zone Regulations and permit application, see below)

The basics… Area 208 acres of floodplain. Less than 1% of the town is the floodplain. 177 acres may be in the developable portion of the floodplain (not including wetlands).

Buildings 16 residences, 8 commercial/public buildings in the floodplain with 22 flood insurance policies insuring $2.5m.

NFIP Regulated Streams Hancock has flood elevations without floodway designations on the White River and the Hancock Branch.
What does Hancock currently regulate? No development in floodway except for bridges etc. Conditional approval for new structures in the floodplain.
What could Hancock regulate? No new primary structures (commercial or residential) in the floodplain. New modest accessory structures and additions to existing structures are still allowed. River corridor protections could be added that protect erosion within the river’s meander zone.
Why is Hancock addressing this issue? Safety and the next Irene The next Irene will come and towns need to minimize damage to infrastructure. Rebuilding and buyouts are slow and can difficult financially and emotionally. New river corridor maps will be released in 2014 by the State and towns can use these to plan for and protect infrastructure.

State Emergency Relief Assistance Fund (ERAF) rules The state has just revised its rules for reimbursements during a disaster and town can receive the highest percentage if they adopt river corridor protections and a no new structures clause in their flood regulations. For a $100k project, the town would save $5k.

Large increases in flood insurance With the new NFIP reform legislation, flood insurance premiums are set to rise by 25% a year until actual risk rates are reached after 2013. These premiums may make floodplain residences difficult to afford and sell. A typical premium would be $4,000/year for $170,000 in insured value. 25% of all residences in the flood hazard area will experience flooding over the life of a 30 year mortgage.

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Hancock FH Application